Advertising on TikTok: Creating Effective Ads

With roughly 50% of TikTok’s global audience under the age of 34 and 90% of users visiting the app more than once per day, it’s no surprise that brands in South Africa are becoming increasingly interested in the platform’s advertising capabilities. For now, TikTok’s offers basic targeting options including age, gender, location and utilizing your own targeting lists.

Below we dive into what each ad type entails as well as some tips on how to approach this platform.

In-Feed Video Ads – this ad unit comprises of a video creative inserted into a user’s feed without any major disruption. The idea is to have the ad seamlessly flow in between organic videos as much as possible. Measurable actions include CPclick, CPM and CPView (where a user has watched your ad for more than 6 seconds).

Brand Takeover – this is the more expensive ad unit, which allows the brand’s ad to appear on the opening screen as any user opens the app with the option of taking users to their TikTok profile or another site outside of the app. Static and dynamic creative can be used but only 3 second JPG and 3-5 second video is supported.

TopView – Similar to a brand takeover, TopView allows your brand to auto-play full-screen, long-form video up to 60 seconds of full-screen and long-form video with sound as the user opens the app.

Branded Hashtag Challenge – this ad type lasts for six days and asks users to participate by posting their own videos based on the requirements/theme. By leveraging users as content co-creators, the viralability that challenges tend to have on the app can be taken advantage of.

Branded Effects – similar to Instagram and Snapchat filters, this ad type allows users to incorporate the brand into their content in a fun and engaging way.

TikTok Influencers – collaborating with local TikTok personalities could be a great way to test the waters if you aren’t prepared to dive straight into the more formal ad types just yet or as a more organic approach to the platform. It is important to select influencers who’s values and interests match your brands in order to maintain authenticity as well as allow them creative freedom to inform how the brand would be best presented to their audience in order to maximise traction.

Now that you’re familiarised with the ad units, it’s important?to?tailor your content and messaging to the platform as opposed to copy and pasting from existing ads on other platforms. TikTok users value creativity, humour and relatability and don’t necessarily always care about production quality – the realer, the better.

Brands need to be agile in their involvement with TikTok ads. Trends and challenges are fleeting and slow turnaround times on translating ideas into executable ads will render your efforts obsolete – the early bird catches the worm! In the meantime, you could keep tabs on popular effects and songs that you could leverage to tie in with these trends.

Creating ads that seamlessly integrate into each users ‘For You Page’ is the key to TikTok advertising. By creating content that gets your brand’s message across in a relatable, entertaining or useful way, your brand has the opportunity to engage with a audience that generally has a high tendency to lose interest quickly.

–?Tayla Calcott (Social Media Manager at Mark1)