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Under Mark1’s Social Media Management division, building engaged communities is second nature to us. Recent trends show that this is vital, now more than ever. With 97% of digital consumers having used a social media network in the past month; being an internet user means being a social media user.

The latest GlobalWebIndex’s 2020 flagship report answers important questions like how much time consumers are devoting to social media, how are social media users’ behaviours changing and how are consumers using social media to engage with brands?

Digital wellbeing tools are steadily becoming popular, with “digital detoxes” already a favourite amongst those leading fast-paced lifestyles. Products and brands that promote digital wellbeing and offer greater user control over data and privacy settings are preferred by the discerning consumer.

Time Spent on social media in more advanced economies is starting to plateau compared to growing nations. It is important to note that the number of social media accounts per user continues to grow across all age groups, making it critical for brands to establish a valuable, engaging presence that holds their audiences’ attention. Older consumers beginning to increase their time spent online as well as younger, mobile-only users adopting a multi-networking approach will contribute to this growth.

The adoption of Multi-networking is rapidly increasing thanks to the variety available as well as the specialisation that each platform offers. In 2015, the average internet user had an average of 6.2 social media accounts. This has now risen to 8.

Motivations for using social media are slowly evolving and becoming more focused on mindful content consumption, with entertainment currently the fastest growing reason for internet users (37%). For Gen Z, entertaining content is most important, followed by using social media to fill up spare time and staying informed on news/current events. Using social media as a means of keeping in touch with others is slowly beginning to drop off for this generation.

The complexities that these evolving consumption habits present brands with today call for highly specialized approaches. With the rising popularity of multi-networking, the same content and subsequent management on one platform would not be as effective on the next.

As we continue to strive to learn more about our clients’ brand fans and what makes them tick, it’s important to keep up to date with current trends and online habits. These help us ensure we’re constantly finding new ways to keep consumers engaged and invested in what brands have to say.

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Tayla Calcott?– Social Media Manager at Mark1